Běžíliška publishing house

Běžíliška is a young publishing house of children’s books focusing on high quality texts, illustration and bookbinding, founded in 2013. The flagship of our portfolio are board books, printed on quality paper and hand bound in canvas. Some of them are foldable to different 3D shapes, therefore our board books work as inventive toys.

While crafting our books we prefer original and new Czech works and we like to meet new, yet carefully selected, authors and illustrators. Tight cooperation of all the authors is crucial for our work, the voices of writers, illustrators and graphic designers are equal for us, because we strive for perfect consistency of the texts and illustrations.

Our goal is neither to rely on what had been successful in the past or even on reprints, nor to find an ideal couple of authors producing regularly commercially successful, yet a bit similar-to-each-other titles, but to encourage the authors to experiment with words as well as with the images while providing them support of the publishing house with clear vision of quality children’s books produced by people whose primary motivation is not revenue.

Neither mass production based on an eye-taking and kitschy simplicity, nor the exclusive art production only for gourmets – we want to publish books for a wide range of readers. In analogy to quality food products – we do not want to sell neither imitations of Coca-Cola coke, nor the most expensive sorts of truffles, but good quality tomatoes and bread.

Interested in acquiring rights?

We are open to selling the publishing rights for our books!

You can find details in our catalogue.

Please contact us at info@beziliska.cz for all inquiries.

Interested in buying our books?

We are definitely able and willing to ship our books anywhere in the world. Please contact us at info@beziliska.cz and we will be happy to assist.